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Prevent Water Damage With A Sandy Springs Flood Detector & Prevent Water Damage in Your Home With A Monitored Warning System

A Smart Sandy Springs Flood Detector Notifies You To Water Before It Becomes A Problem

Frozen pipes, cracked windows, backed up sump pumps -- these are all problems that can cause significant water damage in your house. In many cases, these are the soggy or damp difficulties that you find after the fact. Even a leaky washing machine or water heater can create major concerns if not addressed quickly.

But, when you add a Sandy Springs monitored flood detector to your home security system, you can identify leaking or pooling water before your home becomes a disaster zone. The wireless detector warns you to the first signs of water with a high-decibel siren and a message to your mobile device. Your 24-7 ADT technicians will also reach out to you when your flood sensor triggers.

Sandy Springs flood detector

Should I Install A Monitored Flood Detector In Sandy Springs?

You never want to walk down the stairs to see that the lower floor of your home is now the local swimming pool. Thankfully, a Sandy Springs flood detector can identify leaking and water infiltration before you get thousands of dollars in water damage. Here’s how it works:

  • Smart sensor technology: The smart sensor detects running or pooling water instead of humidity -- so it's safe to use in all types of areas including bathrooms.
  • Unlimited placement options with a wireless connection: Smart sensors come with a wireless connection and a lithium battery rated for 4 years. You can place your flood detector with confidence near sump pumps, behind appliances, next to pipes or any location where water damage may occur.
  • Phone alerts when you're not home: Water problems like burst pipes seem to always happen when you're not at home. If your Sandy Springs flood detector finds a water issue, it will send an emergency alert to your phone.
  • ADT monitoring adds another line of defense: Along with high-volume alerts and communications to your phone, your smart device will alert your 24-hour ADT station. Your monitoring professionals will immediately contact you and provide the assistance you need.


ADT Control App Makes Your Sandy Springs Flood Detector More Responsive

Time is of the essence when water infiltration is threatening your property. When utilizing the ADT mobile application, you can access home automation systems and make it easier when help comes to your location. Leveraging your automation controls is helpful when you’re in the house, but vital when you’re away from home. With a monitored Sandy Springs flood detector you can:

  • Get a notification on your smartphone when unwanted water is detected.
  • Remotely unlock doors and turn off alarm systems for emergency response teams.
  • Adjust heat on your thermostat to combat freezing pipes.
  • Check HD feeds from security cameras to find points of entry and assess the damage.
  • Stay in constant contact with your 24-hour ADT team.


Your Smart Home Automation With Flood Detection Is Just a Call Away

Flood detectors and other safety alarms are all aspects of a well-rounded security system through Secure24 Alarm Systems. When you contact our professionals, we’ll assist you in finding the right options to fit your needs. Make the call to (770) 628-5897 today or send in the online form to request your no-obligation free estimate.